LEIMAY is a multidimensional entity lead by multidisciplinary artists and directors: Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya. As an arts organization its mission is to stimulate dialogue on contemporary performance and installation art; develop LEIMAY's LUDUS; offer studio and performing space for emerging and established artists; and develop and tour new and existing individual and collaborative creations by Ximena Garnica and Shige Moriya, as well as their work with the LEIMAY Ensemble. LEIMAY endeavors take place at its home, CAVE, located in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn as well as at other venues in New York, the Americas, and beyond.

The LEIMAY Ensemble is a group of six performers working regularly throughout the year under the direction of Ximena and Shige. With the LEIMAY Ensemble, they create performance works rooted in questions of being, perception, interdependency, and coexistence. Ximena and Shige are originally from Colombia and Japan respectively, their work is rooted in collaboration and knowledge exchange. They merge and collide their eastern and western backgrounds, double citizenships, individual artistic journeys, life as an interracial couple, native languages, and immigrant experiences. They delve into the powerful force which surfaces in the moments when cultural identities collide; dismantling notions of self, belonging and systems of beliefs; compelling them to connect from the place of a fragmented self. With the LEIMAY Ensemble, they have developed LUDUS, a practice that providing the foundation for their work, exploring methods to physically condition the body and develop a sensitivity to the “in-between space”.

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