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About Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern

The Little Green Pig Theatrical Concern is a independent professional 501c3 nonprofit theatre company that has been bringing provocative, original work to Triangle audiences since 2005.  Our model is experimental yet accessible, strange and dreamlike yet familiar and immediate. Little Green Pig is dedicated to Enlightenment values: exploration of imagination, questioning traditional ideas, and subjecting our work to the light of Reason. We value creativity above all else.


Approaches include:

  • *using humor as a tool in tragedy and vice versa
  • *instilling all work with a palpable sense of drive 
    and edge
  • *nontraditional casting whether by gender, race, or ability,  and a subsequent exploration of all
  • *deconstruction and "violation" of sacred texts while maintaining plot and character
  • *breaking barriers in the depiction of the erotic and the violent
  • *using texts created or adapted by local playwrights juxtaposed with re-imagined classics
  • *environmental staging in unexpected locations
  • *commitment to race, gender, & ability equity on all levels of participation
  • *respect for the artist's time and talent
  • *paying all artists a competative fee for Mainstage shows
  • *inclusion of disabled audience and artists
  • *foreign exchanges and local education that enrich both company members and our community


Little Green Pig's name is a reference to the play The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh. A pig in one of the play's stories chooses to remain green despite pressure from his pink contemporaries.


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