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Mistakes Made Theatrical Co. is a collaborative theatre-making collective which produces original contemporary theatre. Dedicated to embracing the unknown and the experimental, MMTC invites discovery through the process of making “glorious mistakes” -- a philosophy of theatre development which values “mistakes” in the rehearsal process as having potential for opportunity and deeper meaning. Our core ensemble is primarily composed of out-migrants from Appalachia, the prairies, and the rural south. In order to unpack the complexities and contradictions of our home regions, MMTC’s mission is to create a cycle of plays that illuminate and dismantle narratives which empower systems of oppression through the use of experimental performance. Our recent work explores geopolitics, neoliberalism, and rural stereotypes/prejudices primarily through the use of personal histories and identity. The result is biomythography, a technique first developed by Audre Lorde, weaving together myth, history and biography in epic narrative form which allows for a style of composition that embraces diversity and represents all the ways in which we perceive the world.

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