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About NACL Theatre

NACL’s mission is to build a culture of creativity through innovative performing arts, education, and sustainable community service. The company’s work is guided by three core objectives:

  • To build on artists’ desire and responsibility to illuminate urgent issues through their work, and to stimulate positive discussions;
  • To create artistically sound, innovative ensemble theatre;
  • To engage and integrate the community into projects which reflect their own concerns and needs.

Founded in 1997, NACL is a professional theater company based in rural New York, in the Delaware River Valley. NACL is driven by a commitment to collaborative inquiry, turning the rehearsal room into a creative laboratory, where the ensemble experiments, raises questions, and tests hypotheses. After successful years producing in New York City, in 2000 the company moved to Highland Lake, to its current venues: a church-turned-theatre and a 12 bedroom artists' residence.

NACL is led by Executive Artistic Director Brad Krumholz and Artistic Director Tracy Broyles. 

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