About Pang!

501 (see three) ARTS is an independent artist-run non-profit corporation supporting the creation and production of interdisciplinary performance works created by its affiliated artists. The company is dedicated to redefining the role of the performing arts, artists and audiences in a globalized world through innovative approaches to artistic production. Each affiliated artist administers her/his respective projects with 501 (see three) ARTS.

We seek to inspire greater social understanding by engaging reciprocally with targeted local, regional and national communities, and communicating the perspectives of those communities to the theatergoing public. We also reach out to community members who may not be habitual theatergoers, but whose lives intersect with our projects' foci, in order to bring them into the theater as audience members.

The company operates in a democratic fashion. While 1 affiliated artist serves as artistic director for each project, the other affiliated artists offer administrative, technical and artistic support.

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