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About Radical Evolution

Radical Evolution is a multiethnic producing collective committed to producing artistic events that empower citizens of the 21st century to fully engage with the communities they inhabit. 

Radical Evolution was founded in 2011 by Beto O’Byrne and Meropi Peponides, theatre makers who create cross-disciplinary performance works. Having worked professionally in non-profit theatre for most of our adult lives, we identify ourselves as theatre-makers working to break down the boundaries that exist between writers, directors, actors, designers and producers in favor of a more collaborative process. In addition, we contribute to the conversation in NYC and beyond with works that seek to understand the complexities of modern, multiethnic, mixed-identity existence. We incorporate people from a variety of backgrounds into our ensemble-based creation process, with a focus on people of color, thereby seeding the field of experimental and collaboratively created theatre with practitioners that reflect the cultural diversity of the city around us.


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