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Adrienne Mackey is a multidisciplinary artist who explores the potential of performance and play. With her company, Swim Pony, she’s created works including SUVIVE!  - a 22,000 sq-ft interactive science installation; THE BALLAD OF JOE HILL at Eastern State Penitentiary; WAR OF THE WORLDS, with Drexel's Entrepreneurial Game Studio; and THE END – a month-long mixed reality game exploring fears about mortality. She’s the originator of CROSS POLLINATION, a residency program in which 32 artists took part in documented interdisciplinary collaborations and also writes for Swim Pony’s blog, boasting 50,000 views. She’s now developing TRAILOFF – a mobile app using GPS to embed stories on nature trails; WATER LOGGED!, a wildlife card game with the Alliance for Watershed Education; and an ecological table-top role-play for Fairmount Waterworks.


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