The Drunkard's Wife

About The Drunkard's Wife

The Drunkard’s Wife is an NYC-based theater company led by Normandy Sherwood and Craig Flanagin.  The company consists of a core group of 10 collaborating artists.     

                  OUR MISSION is to create and produce original experimental musical plays tied to site-specific theatrical environments, made with a generous, maximalist design sense, to engage audiences through shared social experiences, and create in the shared moment the type of communities our work often represents.

                  OUR VISION is expressed through our work, which is darkly comic, language-drunk, full of reverence for the hand-made and therefore wholeheartedly feminist and anti-capitalist.   We are drawn to represent festivals and celebrations, and create complex moments of moral and emotional ambiguity.  As such, our theatrical style combines our impulses towards camp, the carnivalesque, and the maximal with an appetite for subtlety, complex argument and tenderness. Music is incorporated from the earliest stages of development, and we make a point of bringing the music to challenging areas. We believe that meaning is not the sole province of text, and are therefore committed to spectacle, the visual and the sonic as modes by which we undertake theater.


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