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In 1872, inventor Eadweard Muybridge increased the shutter speed of his camera, proving that a horse is airborne for a moment while galloping, and producing the first moving picture. This innovation used the existing technology of the camera to capture and present the world in a staggering new way. 

Like Muybridge, our theatre company is using the traditional tools of theatre in new and innovative ways to change the way we view the world. And we are attempting to capture that moment of possibility and magic in everyday life when we are untethered from the earth and anything is possible.

We are a young, ambitious, and passionate ensemble of professional theatre artists in Seattle. Internationally trained, diversely experienced, and infused with an entrepreneurial and collaborative spirit, we bring a variety of viewpoints, interests, and outside experience into our work.

The Horse in Motion has as one of our core principals a commitment to placing art in relationship to real world issues. We believe the arts, and theatre in particular, have a vital role to play in asking questions, proposing answers and facilitating the community building essential to addressing issues of social justice, peace and equality. By presenting theatre that is challenging and fresh, we strive to create the inspiration and opportunity for dialogue, creativity and action.

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