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Theater Mitu is a permanent group of collaborators committed to expanding the definition of theater through methodical experimentation with its form. Driven by a theory we call Whole Theater - defined as a theatrical experience, which is rigorously visual, aural, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual all in the same moment - the company investigates global arts practice as a source for our research, training, laboratory, and creation methodologies. The current work of the company is focused on investigating the space between acting and performance, design and installation, and multimedia and interactive technology.

Founded in 1997, Theater Mitu has earned a wide reputation as an adventuresome and dynamic ensemble of artists. Under the leadership of founding artistic director Ruben Polendo, the Company is dedicated to transliterating a wide variety of performance traditions, exploring theatrical form through interdisciplinary arts practice, and supporting the growth of its members, who are at the creative core of each piece the Company produces. Its considerable body of work has taken on a variety of forms: developmental work with some of the world's leading theatrical innovators, productions in conjunction with universities and conservatories, engagement with non-theatrical communities, international research, and educational programs in the form of artist intensives and workshops.

Relocating to Brooklyn in 2018, Theater Mitu will open its first ever brick and mortar interdisciplinary arts venue. This shared use arts space will be the company's home and provide essential opportunities for institutional expansion and community investment. In addition to housing Theater Mitu's activities, the company, in accordance with its mission to expand the definition of theater, will offer the arts community affordable space for creation and performance. Theater Mitu will now create, develop, and present its experimental work in Brooklyn, New York. 

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