Transatlantic Love Affair

About Transatlantic Love Affair

About Transatlantic Love Affair:

Founded in 2010, Transatlantic Love Affair is a physical theatre ensemble specializing in collaboratively created original work and theatrical storytelling. They are known for their distinct aesthetic, which forgoes any set or props and instead uses movement, mime, and physical imagery to tell the story. The company has authored ten original works to date.


Transatlantic Love Affair’s MIssion

Transatlantic Love Affair (TLA) develops original works through collaborative creation that celebrate the human body as the ultimate theatrical instrument, and unite artists and audiences in imagining new worlds together.

In pursuit of our mission, TLA is dedicated to:

  • reimagining old stories to speak to issues of current concern;
  • nurturing talent within our core company and larger pool of collaborators;
  • the diverse representation of bodies and identities onstage and in the collaborative development of new work;
  • equitable payment for artists.


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