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About Umbrella Collective

Umbrella Collective (formerly Savage Umbrella) is a queer-led theater company that collaborates to create stunning and engaging new works of theater that foster vital conversations.

For over a decade, Umbrella Collective has been building bold new works of theater that inspire and engage artists and audiences alike. We’ve created over 20 original productions and numerous works-in-progress in the Twin Cities, as well as across the country and world — including Duluth, Minnesota; Calgary, Canada; Kansas City, Missouri; and Seoul, South Korea.

Founded in 2007, the Collective has grown from its four founding members to an ensemble of diverse artists, including performers, directors, writers, designers, choreographers, composers, musicians, and visual artists. The Collective also relies on the year-round support and work of countless collaborating artists, volunteers, and dedicated audience members.

Our artists bring a variety of creative backgrounds and methodologies under the umbrella allowing our process to evolve and adapt for each unique project. This flexibility helps our storytelling remain nimble and visceral. We balance collaborative creation with original script development and a strong production team to tease out the most vital themes to share in our work.

We believe that when we work together we can do so much more than we ever could alone.

Together is better. Get under the umbrella.

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