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About Victory Hall Opera

Victory Hall Opera is unique in the world of opera, in that we are a singer-led Ensemble of mid-career, high-caliber opera singers, banding together to advance the performing craft, power and reach of our art form.

We especially seek to evolve the dramatic impact of opera by employing a more theater-based approach to operatic interpretation and performance, drawing from devised/ physical theater practices.

Now entering our 6th Season, we continue to develop work that unleashes the unique creativity, insight and skill of the Singer, and also invite our Ensemble members to contribute in other ways, as directors, designers, or Board members.


The Mission of Victory Hall Opera:


VHO's Mission is to advance the performing craft, power, and reach of opera with a pioneering model that places the creative reins in the hands of the one who knows opera best: the Singer. Our Ensemble of master artists form the core of our original productions, including works from the entire repertoire, creating performances of disarming sincerity and exquisiteness.

Rooted in Charlottesville, VA, we forge partnerships with local artists and craftspeople, and, in addition to connecting with those who know and love opera already, we will actively engage those who have not yet found opera appealing or even encountered the art form, offering an experience of the human instrument that draws them into closer contact with life.



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