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ABD Productions is a multi­ethnic, multicultural, community­-facing arts organization committed to inspiring social change through the arts. Since its founding in 1984, ABD has collaborated with dozens of communities to develop a repertoire of more than 100 original works that address challenging and urgent social, economic, and environmental issues. ABD's dances grow from deep investigations into the language of movement, using that vocabulary in eloquent and subversive acts of art.  Our work endeavors to awaken our collective humanity through bold and nuanced choreographies, injecting the possibility of transformation and beauty into complex and challenging subjects, from globalization and genocide to global warming and gender fluidity. ABD believes that relationships are the first site of social change; they drive both our artistic process and our aesthetic. Through a durational process of relationship building and arts-­based engagement, ABD brings people together, facilitates expression, and fosters creative problem solving. By artistically rendering the narratives of the community through performance and other media, ABD’s collaborative and dynamic work allows for new experiences and expanded perspectives that generate dialogue within and across communities. Through this ongoing and reciprocal creative process, ABD engages artists, co­-creators, and audiences beyond the traditional theatre-­going population, and creates elegant and complex performances that reflect narratives too often invisible in our collective cultural production. 

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