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Since 1993, Bedlam’s continued to provide a steady diet of original, avant-garde for Minneapolis and regional audiences. Bedlam Productions vary from five minutes to full length and evolve through creative processes that can last two weeks to ten years. Bedlam supports a year-round calendar of local, national and international artists in theatre, dance, music, puppetry, performance art, and more. We like to try new things, so no year in twenty has ever been exactly like the last. Once you’ve joined the loyal following, chances are at some point you’ll cross the line from seeing theatre to being theatre.

“Bedlam” the word is a slangy abbreviation of Bethlehem, as in Our Lady of Bethlehem, a renowned insane asylum on the outskirts of London. For more than a century, perhaps as a way to help pay the bills, Bedlam would open it doors to both high society and low brow thrill seekers who could pay a penny and walk among the inmates. Occasionally, political dissidents, rather than to prison or the gallows, would be certified insane (crazy enough at least to speak out against the powers that be). “The only place to hear the truth spoken in all of England is among the madmen of Bedlam,” reads one quote from the time. It’s the type of entertainment Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre certainly competed with. It’s posited by numerous scholars that the psychological depth of Shakespeare’s characters were in no small part influenced by the popular attractions at Bedlam.


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