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Ebony Noelle Golden is an artist, scholar, and culture strategist from Houston, TX and now living and working in NYC. As an artist, she stages site-specific rituals + live art performances that profoundly explore the complexities of freedom in the time of now. She lectures on contemporary black feminist, womanist, and experimental theatre of the African diaspora at The New School. Her current creative work, 125th & FREEdom, is a public performance art project consisting of curated community events and a durational public performance comprised of ten interactive choreopoetic rituals staged along 125th Street between the Harlem and Hudson Rivers. The work is slated for a spring 2019 world premiere in NYC. As a strategist, Ebony co-creates and powers holistic, results-oriented strategies for social impact with some of the boldest and most insightful artists and institutions in the country. Her dedication to closing the cultural arts access gap led her to founding Betty's Daughter Arts Collaborative ten years ago. Betty's Daughter Arts Collaborative, LLC is a culture consultancy and arts accelerator. providing systems, strategies, and solutions for the arts and culture ecosystem nationally. Because of her impactful work, Golden has emerged as a leading voice in strategic design of arts and culture programming, operationalizing social justice methodologies, and impact assessment of cutting-edge approaches to community building through the arts. Her work as a strategist, artist, organizer, and scholar allows Ebony to bring a unique perspective to the field and has been recognized by important cultural institutions across the United States. Ebony's recent awards include: a 2018 NYC Public Artist Residency; a new production residency at The National Black Theatre; a 2017 activist residency at the University of Oklahoma; and an Artist-in-Residence at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics at NYU.

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