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Believing all art is poetry, BlackPoet Ventures formed in 2005 in an effort to make performance poetry more interesting. BPV is a multi-media performing arts and entertainment company dedicated to promoting, supporting and enhancing the oral tradition artistry of poetry and spoken word movements of the African Diaspora. Through theatrical productions, presentations and workshops, BPV showcases spoken word with music, dance, song and visual art. Recognizing its distinct offering, the term “poeticduction” was coined to brand BPV's style of poetic theatre. Co-founded by Robert Daniels, Erik O’Neal, William Ramsey and Leah Staten, BPV represents a mix of creative entrepreneurs, performers, activists, writers and journalists as well as motivational speakers. Their talents have been featured on various Arizona stages, including, Herberger Theater Center; ASU Kerr Cultural Center; Tempe Center For The Arts; the VIAD’s Playhouse on the Park; and Carver Museum and Cultural Center. BPV productions and presentations also have been featured in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and St. Louis. In April 2007, BPV was invited to perform the invocation for the 26th Annual Governor’s Arts Awards. In August 2010, BPV opened Arts & Business Council of Greater Phoenix’s 20th Annual Breakfast.

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