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Creative Ownership & Sustainable Artistry

Being Creatively Independent... where you build playgrounds to find your own answers.

Free your art. Free yourself. Free play.

Putting your artistic process through its paces.


Create & lead from within your passion, purpose, and community.

In 2007, Creatively Independent was born from a desire to destroy the “starving artist” stereotype and activate creative ownership and sustainable artistry as foundational in training and art creation.

Now, the revolution slips into every crack like liquid: flowing from original to classical works, from teacher to student, from performer to audience. CI tours internationally engaging with artists at every stage of art education/creation in residencies, keynotes, consultations, and retreat intensives with the hope of embedding the roots of art back into our daily lives.

SAMPLE CLIENTS: • Brown University/Trinity Rep (MFA) • Boston University • University of Virginia (MFA) • Wells College • Meredith College • Blue Cross & Blue Shield • Douglas Anderson School of the Performing Arts • Lavilla School of the Arts • Florida State College of Jacksonville • Remscheid Waldorf • Episcopal HS & MS • Discovery Montessori

SAMPLE CONFERENCES & FESTIVALS: • Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (SE Region) • Southeastern Theatrical Conference • Performing the World (NYC) • International Schools Theatre Association (US & Europe) • Rotations Theatre (Germany) • Dell’Arte Mad River Festival • Orff Schulwerk Teacher Training Conference • Utah State Thespians • Florida Theatre Conference • Florida Association of Theatre Educators • Florida State Thespians • Florida Jr. State Thespians • North Carolina State Thespians

The Experience Break Down

Physical theatre –  The body is your mind’s hard drive. It holds all your experiences. As Martha Graham says, “The body cannot lie”. And the big kicker, the body is grounded in the Now. Our physical skills are always growing: dance, combat, clown, mask, circus, and acro are the current kickers.

Ensemble Devising – An activated ensemble creating together can catapult the individual to new levels through support, challenges, and collaboration. Many hands… as they say.

Mindfulness – Without self-awareness, each exercise in a bubble. You are merely a copy of the teacher. Mindfulness drops you into how and why you create.

To the Power of Play – It’s what makes a formula a playground. And we say “play” we mean the life-evolving, multi-leveled world of buoyant exploration that we are hard-wired with as children.

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