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dog & pony dc is an ensemble of artists who devise innovative performances that incorporate new ways for audiences to experience theatre. We believe: The audience completes our ensemble. A highly collaborative, necessarily exhaustive and inefficient process ensures the most enduring ideas reach their fullest potential. The playfulness and generosity of the invitation to our collaborators amplifies the impact of the work. Our productions position artists and audience to playfully engage in joint inquiry about contemporary culture, politics, and society. d&pdc’s productions explore the elastic relationship between performer and audience with “Audience Integration”—the engagement of audience in the narrative or experiential arc of a performance. We discuss Audience Integration from each project’s birth through to its production, and incorporate the concept into every area of production. d&pdc shows strike a delicate balance between scripted and improvised which embraces and exploits the serendipity potential of live theatre. We continually refine shows throughout their performance, deliberately evolving them in response to the audience’s participation.

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