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Double Edge Theatre is more than a theatre: it is a center for discovery. Its activities include: Indoor and Outdoor Performances The theatre's highly physical performances are immersive events that are lush and dreamlike, nuanced and emotional. Each original performance is created by an ensemble of multi-talented artists who have worked together over many years and are bound together by regular, strenuous training. These works are toured nationally and internationally, creating further opportunities for reciprocal exchange between artists and audiences. Year-Round Training Programs Double Edge's training methodology attracts students from all over the US and the world to The Farm to learn challenging techniques that enable them to physically and visually craft an original theatrical landscape. Interns and apprentices also work in our gardens, on our buildings, and take part in the administration of the company in order to learn about the context of making art and producing and sustaining a theatre company. Community Events Double Edge uses its knowledge resources to build strong connections to its local community, co-creating performances with the students in local schools, and holding monthly Open Trainings that offer a low-commitment introduction to the theatre’s methodology. The relationship between Double Edge and western Franklin County embodies the concept that good art makes thriving communities, and supports historic and commercial value in ways that engage local residents’perceptions of what is possible.

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