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fidget is a platform for the collaborative work of Megan Bridge (choreography) and Peter Price (time-based media). At home in Philadelphia fidget performs in theaters, galleries, warehouses, and nightclubs. On tour, fidget’s work has been seen in places like New York, Berlin, Dresden, Johannesburg, and Vienna. The origin of fidget’s collaborative work is “multimedia dance theater,” an orientation that follows the historical legacies of Bauhaus, Ausdruckstanz, 1960’s experimentalism, performance art of the 70’s and 80’s, and developing digital multimedia. Since 2000, Megan Bridge and Peter Price have created close to twenty original works that involve live performance and sound and visual design. In 2008, the collaboration was named fidget, and in 2009 Bridge and Price opened thefidget space, a warehouse in Kensington where they live and work.

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