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Flux Theatre Ensemble produces transformative theatre that explores and awakens the capacity for change. As an ensemble‑artist driven company, we believe that long‑term collaboration and rigorous creative development can unite artists and audiences to build a creative home in New York. In the 14 years we’ve been producing theatre Off‑Off Broadway, we have fully produced 29 plays,

primarily New York and world premieres, and we’ve been recognized by the New York Innovative Theatre Awards, The New York Times, Backstage, Theatre Development Fund, Fractured Atlas, and the Caffe Cino Fellowship Award.


The value of equity manifests in everything from our open budgets to our commitment to equitable pay to our meeting practices of sharing space and transparent decision‑making. Flux seeks to democratize NYC theatre through our Living Ticket initiative, which aims to simultaneously remove financial barriers to a endance and work toward paying artists a living wage. Fractured Atlas chose Flux as one of its 2016 Arts Entrepreneur Award Honorees, in particular citing our Living Ticket initiative.

Flux is unique in our ensemble-based structure and practices. At the core are 12 Creative Partners (CPs) who share the producorial and administrative duties, as well as determine the artistic direction of Flux. The Creative Partners identify across multiple intersections of race, gender, sexual orientation, and religion. Racial and gender diversity in the ensemble includes 42% CPs of color, and 75% women/trans/non-binary CPs. Our wider pool of diverse artists and activists have collaborated with us on community-responsive works addressing gendered violence, immigrant justice, and other creative responses to systems of oppression.


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