About Good Trouble Makers

Good Trouble Makers are artist-agitators based in Los Angeles and working internationally. Inspired by the words of John Lewis, we are committed to making; making art, making room, making change, making good trouble.


Good Trouble Makers do serious work, without taking ourselves too seriously. We are a genre expanding, practice-driven collaborative that is perpetually investigating what anti-racist and queer dance making, devising, teaching, and performing looks like. We celebrate the resiliency, creativity, and audacity of our queer and POC communities; it has insured our survival, and will lead the way to liberation for all.


We reject white, heteropatriarchal systems in favor of cultivating a responsive, multigenerational artist led network called Dance in Progress. We believe intergenerational collaboration is how artists grow, communities thrive, and new opportunities are created.


What does anti-racist, queer dance making look like? It’s beautifully messy and constantly evolving; it’s what we work to embody with our creations, classes, and colabs everyday.


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