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Founded in 2003, by multi-disciplinary artists, Noah Bremer, Galen Treuer, Megan Odell, and Vanessa Voskuil, and currently led by Noah Bremer and Joanna Harmon, Live Action Set is a non-profit, Minneapolis-based performance company whose style has centered on ensemble-driven, original work that dissolves boundaries between artistic genres. The company's aesthetic is rooted in the “physical theater” style: work originates from group collaboration; has inter-disciplinary origins combining music, dance, and theater; celebrates the non-passive audience; and provokes and utilizes the imagination of the audience. 
LAS has produced several site-specific "immersive" pieces and more than a dozen evening-length productions at locations including the Guthrie Theater, the Southern Theater, and the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, as well as on tour throughout the southern United States. 
By design, LAS does not call one venue “home.” Creative exploration of new spaces and new environments are inherent in its nomadic existence.  
Committed to engaging the community in more ways than one, the company leads workshops for students of varying experience levels and backgrounds. In all projects and programs, the company upholds the values of collaboration, honesty, respect, humility, and artistic excellence.
Our Mission:
Live Action Set creates visually poetic, wildly imaginative, and accessible performance experiences that harness the indefinable power of the human spirit.


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