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About Looking for Lilith

Looking for Lilith Theatre Company is a women’s ensemble that creates productions and programming through examining history and questioning today from women’s perspectives, thereby uncovering unheard voices. LFL productions and programming serve adults, youth and children locally, nationally and internationally.

Lilith's story represents to us an instance where a strong woman's voice was quieted, and her story lost. Inspired by her, we seek to use women's histories-- both oral and written, to create multi-disciplinary performance pieces that will bring women's voices to a wider audience. In addition to creating original work, we are exploring current feminist works and re-examining old works.

Looking for Lilith also has a strong commitment to education. In our outreach programs, we guide young people in workshops which further explore the themes and histories of the performance we have shared with them, or themes and histories of interest to them. In some instances we guide them in researching, devising, and sharing new works that give voice to the members of our society who have historically been under-represented. Through these programs and our performances, we help show the value of multiple perspectives on history.

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