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RAGGED WING ENSEMBLE’S MISSION is to rouse the human spirit through artistic action. We practice th art of fierce play, hatching the myths of our time.

Founded in 2004 by Amy Sass, Anna Shneiderman and Keith Davis, Ragged Wing Ensemble was founded on the belief that artistic action is at the center of vital social change. We produce original, professional shows using our signature creative development process, employing both collaborative creation techniques as well as strong artistic leadership. Ragged Wing has demonstrated a solid track record for presenting meaningful, original plays and site-specific installation art, producing thirty two professional shows, six youth and three apprentice shows since its inception. Our shows consistently garner critical acclaim and effusive audience response.

In 2014, after being nomadic for nearly a decade, Ragged Wing completed a year-long construction project on a long-time vacant building in downtown Oakland to serve as a permanent home. This new venue, The Flight Deck, operates as a shared, multi-disciplinary arts venue featuring a black box theater, a rehearsal studio and a co-working office. The Flight Deck is currently home to 14 local theater, dance and music organizations as well as dozens of individual artists. Hundreds of artists and thousands of audience members activate the space annually.



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