Sandbox Theatre

About Sandbox Theatre

Sandbox Theatre was founded in 2004 in Minneapolis, Minnesota by four artists — Ryan Hill, Lisa Moreira, Andrew Lawrence Schiff and Heather Stone — who sought a place to play with new ideas and new forms of storytelling.

The company came together out of backyard meetings between a playwright, a choreographer, an actor and a designer. Since our first production in 2005, the Sandbox ensemble has grown to a company of 10 artists, still devoutly committed to creating visually rich, engaging new theatre stories. Sandbox’s hallmarks are visual dramaturgy — storytelling through design and movement — and our creative process. The ensemble only creates new plays. Our work is defined by an established, one-of-a-kind process of material generation and group editing; a guided collaboration that creates timely, affecting, inspirational plays.

Our Mission
Sandbox Theatre is driven by the collaborative spirit to create new and newly-imagined performance artworks, and to foster the development of artists.

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