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About Strange Attractor Theatre Co.

Strange Attractor is Aram Aghazarian (PA), Roblin Gray Davis (AK), Jed Hancock-Brainerd (RI) and Rebecca Noon (RI). They create inviting and unexpected performance that challenges the popular conception of theatre while engaging new audiences with original, high-caliber, physically devised work.

Since forming in 2010, Strange Attractor has created seven full-length shows, moving between themes, genres, geographies, and aesthetics. From a quick-change comedy about war and torture in Juneau, AK to an investigation into invisible workers through the lens of the museum security guard in New England, Strange Attractor creates for theaters, but also for houses, on beaches, and community centers; for urban and rural audiences; for comedy and for ritual.

As designers, they’ve been commissioned by the RISD Museum, AS220's 2013 Foo Fest, and Lippitt House, a historic home in Providence.

Strange Attractor has been awarded numerous awards from Rhode Island and Alaskan foundations, including fellowships, travel and project grants.


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