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About theater simple

We build from the imagination up. 
An award-winning, internationally acclaimed company, theater simple was started with the aim of stripping the theatrical experience down to its elemental parts:
          ~ the imagination of the actor and audience,
          ~ the playwright's words, 
          ~ and the ensemble's vision.

Founded in Seattle, USA in 1991, theater simple has built an international reputation for producing provocative, innovative, entertaining and frequently “impossible” theatrical experiences. In over 25 years of touring and producing, theater simpletons have produced over 1100 performances of over 45 plays in four countries on three continents.

ABOUT theater simple

Our goal is to impact everyday creativity by interacting within various communities(teaching, collaborating, and conversing) and by linking ideas and art.

We aim to create works that inspire and challenge artists and audiences.

In a theater, through a park, or across the internet, we work out of the box and around the world.
Thinking globally, and acting locally –
You should PLAY WITH US.

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