NET/TEN Shareback: NEW NOISE & Grow Dat Youth Farm - Bring it to the Table

2013-14 Exchange Grant Recipients

NEW NOISE (New Orleans, LA) engaged in a year-long reciprocal exchange of techniques, resources, and labor with the students and teachers at Grow Dat Youth Farm (New Orleans, LA). This collaboration culminated in the public sharing of NEW NOISE’s latest performance work, Oxblood, on the acreage adjoining Grow Dat’s urban farm in New Orleans City Park.


Bring it to the Table:

Suggestions for an Accessible (and Delicious) Post-Show Thematics Discussion

Taken from NEW NOISE's experience with Oxblood
and inspired by the Clear Creek Land, Water, Food, Stories Festival

Offer delicious food!  It'll encourage folks to stay, plus set up a nice vibe for conversation. People are more inclined to engage with strangers when they're breaking bread together.

Sit and eat with audience members.  Encourage the artists to spread themselves around to different tables, sitting with both people they know and people they don't know.  Artists may feel a need to host, and certainly some hosting is necessary, but artists will be able to engage in deeper conversations if they commit to sitting at a table and eating with the people there. 

Create multiple tie-ins to the themes of the show.  Oxblood deals with land and labor, so we asked our chefs to cook with food grown by our Exchange Partner, Grow Dat, on the farm where our play was set.  Your tie-in might look different depending on what you want to explore. 

Visual cues help.  Open-ended questions can serve as great discussion prompts.  We created placards that we spread along the tables with questions such as:

  • What does it mean to be “from” a place?
  • Which was the last generation in your family who farmed?
  • How do we responsibly engage with the land we live on, knowing we are here as a direct result of the genocide and forced migration of its original occupants?
  • When was the last time you planted a seed?

Start the conversation.  Encourage your artists to start the dialogue in an informal way at their table with an open-ended question related to the themes of the work. 

Let the conversation go wherever it needs to.  Listen and be open to what you might learn. 

Enjoy!  If you let yourself have a good time, the audience members joining you probably will too.

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This photo essay shares discoveries from the collaboration, with a focus on the shared ensemble practices of both groups and the revelations that extended stretches of time spent with each other—and with the land—offered.

Taking Time

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Oxblood—Theater Group Explores Old Roots to the Land in Contemporary Drama


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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

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