YOUTH ENSEMBLE PROJECT: Oakland Meetup by Michael Letang of Ragged Wing Youth Ensemble

For years, The Ragged Wing ensemble has been putting on plays and performances in many different locations. Over the past two years Ragged Wing has arranged meetings, fundraising events to fund the creation of a place where all the arts in Oakland can have one home. Ragged Wing has finally acquired this space recently and named it the Flight Deck, a place for artists with purpose. The Flight Deck is currently being renovated to fit the comfort of many ensembles around the Bay Area that it will house.

Recently two of the ensembles got together this weekend to help put together the Flight Deck. As one of the ensemble members of Ragged Wing I can say that working on the Flight Deck would have been nothing if it weren't for the adult ensemble members and the Gritty City Youth ensemble members. They have shown, by the many days and nights they've put into the flight deck, that they wish to bring flavor to the Bay Area through the art of theater.

Both ensembles shared their definitions of what an ensemble is to them. We shared a lot of the same ideas that ensemble is when a group of people with a common interest come together to accomplish a common goal or achievement, or just to practice that interest. For both Ragged Wing Ensemble and the Gritty City Youth Ensemble, we want to share art and flavor with the city of Oakland.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

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