Youth Ensemble Project: Oakland Meetup by Maurice Jones Jr, Gritty City Rep Ensemble Member

From the start, being a part of Gritty City Repertory has always been such a wonderful experience for me, be it the thrill of putting on a pretty impressive show, or attending weekly Tuesday Thursday rehearsals, it is a vital and important task I must maintain. Acting is such an ego-boosting experience. But while GCR is my life, are there others out there with my same idea about their OWN youth ensemble that builds future success and determination? It’s amazing to say so.

After working hard with another ensemble group, Ragged Wing Youth Ensemble, to construct our shared new rehearsal space, The Flight Deck, we got the chance to talk with the other youth stars on different aspects of acting and theater. They are a unique group who, amazingly, capture their imaginations and record them on paper before ultimately producing an original and entertaining work of art, which isn't as easy as I made that sound! It is this difference that makes them stand out as a productive and truly talented group and I appreciate that. We went on to talk about subjects like what makes a strong ensemble, and pretty impressive points were brought up.

So what makes a strong ensemble? Trust. Willingness. Security. You have to trust each other even through the most uncomfortable positions. You must always be willing to commit to those around you and be willing and down for whatever you do to get the show out there and appeal to the audience. You must form a strong foundation with your group, acting as a keystone, holding the entirety of a formation with its presence. These are just few of the many ideas shared between our two ensembles.  It was just so nice to hear all of this.  I really enjoyed the day, as it stood out as a lesson to me and my Gritty City companions that under a united presence, we make up the hope that future generations to come will realize and enjoy to the fullest degree.

Be sure to check out these available links for additional information, and also feel free to purchase tickets and/or make a donation. Have a wonderful day!

- Maurice Jones Jr, Gritty City Rep Ensemble Member

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014
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