Announcing the 2016-17 Fall Travel Grant Recipients


We are pleased to announce the 2016 Fall Travel Grant Recipients!

Almanac Dance Circus Theatre (Philadelphia, PA) will host Mexican dance artist Emmanuel Becerra (Jalisco, Mexico) for a four-month residency culminating in the world premiere of an evening-length dance-circus-theater performance, tentatively titled Fronteras. Becerra will also curate workshops, teach educational programs, and advance ongoing movement research.

Anu Yadav (Washington, D.C.) will meet with Jana Natya Manch (Delhi), India’s premier street theatre troupe. During her stay she will observe rehearsals and interview company members about their new play development process.

Marcella Trowbridge, Artistic Director of ARTFARM (Middletown, CT), will travel to Sri Lanka to work with artists and Sri Lankan natives, Ruwanthie de Chikera, Kumari Kumaragamage, and Stages Theatre Group. Together they will research and explore the development of new works in communities with minority/majority dynamics utilizing physical theater techniques that cross verbal barriers.

Raymond Bobgan, Artistic Director of Cleveland Public Theatre (Cleveland, OH) will visit Mondo Bizarro (New Orleans, LA) to foster a deeper and reciprocal relationship, gain knowledge about Mondo Bizarro’s artistic creation techniques, and lead a week-long workshop. Bobgan will be joined by a member of the Cleveland Core Ensemble (a resident ensemble company at CPT).

Forklift Danceworks (Austin, TX) will engage in a weeklong residency with Rotterdam Neighbourhood Theatre (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). Together, they will work with the Rotterdam Sanitation Department to explore and share community-based methods. The week will culminate with open rehearsals and a free, public workshop performance featuring the sanitation workers.

Live Action Set (Minneapolis, MN) will visit Radiant IRIS (Los Angeles, CA) for a weeklong workshop to combine interactive live performance, design and tech using emergent digital and virtual technology. Together, they will explore augmenting dancers' movements with a play of light and shadow using elements of motion capture, tracking and projection.

Julia Rhoads, Artistic Director of Lucky Plush Productions (Chicago, IL), will travel to Cuba for the second phase of a creative exchange with Danza Teatro Retazos (Havana) to deepen her practice-based research and approaches to the intersection of movement and dialogue. The research and foundational material developed will inform the company’s next feature-length work, Rooming House.

LOUD (New Orleans, LA) will invite Sidney Monroe (Boston, MA) of True Colors: Out Youth Theater and Youth Program Manager of The Theater Offensive to lead a series of workshops in hip hop, drag, and queer theatre performance. Monroe will also meet with LOUD apprentices weekly to discuss outcomes, share best practices in youth leadership development, and dream of possible future collaborations.

Christine Suarez, founder of Suarez Dance Theater (Santa Monica, CA), and Lori C. Teague, Associate Professor of Dance at Emory University (Atlanta, GA), will meet for a 10-day intensive to revisit themes of power, sexuality, and embodiment, while examining how their perspectives have changed since meeting 20 years ago. During their time together they aim to refine, expand, and develop text and movement materials with Atlanta-based dancer, Juana Farfan.

Marina McClure, director of The New Wild (Brooklyn, NY) will conduct a six-day artistic retreat to continue writing a new musical about Afghanistan, Tear a Root from the Earth. The retreat will include composers Johnny Walsh (Washington, DC) and Qais Essar (Phoenix, AZ), and book writer John Bair (Brooklyn, NY). They aim to continue developing their unique fusion of Afghan and American folk music, refine the story of the piece, and make demo recordings.

The NET/TEN 2016 Fall Travel Grant peer review panel included: CarlosAlexis Cruz (Chapel Hill, NC), Assistant Professor of Physical Theatre, UNC Charlotte; Artistic Director, the Nouveau Sud project; Artistic Director, Pelú Theatre; J.J. El-Far (Harlem, NY), Arts Officer, British Council, USA; Co-Founder/Board Chair,Harlem Arts Festival; Ryan Hill (Oakland, CA), Founding Artistic Director, Sandbox Theatre.

NET's Travel & Exchange Network (NET/TEN) grant program is supported in 2016-2017 by lead funding from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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Contact: Park Cofield, Field Resources Manager / 323.638.4870


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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

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