NET/TEN Shareback: ANIKAYA/Wendy Jehlen - Into the Streets: Ensemble Improvisation in an Urban Environment

Spring 2016 Travel Grant Recipient

Wendy Jehlen, founder and Artistic Director of ANIKAYA (Somerville, MA), worked with São Paulo–based theater and movement artists Diogo Granato, Maria Glória and Alex Merino to explore new approaches to improvisation in the creation and performance of devised movement theater. The work occurred over the course of two trips in May and September 2016.


Into the Streets: ensemble improvisation in an urban environment OR Furious Dancing

This Shareback is part report, part guide to creating activist, improvised street theater with a new conglomeration of bodies and voices.

Click to download the document as a PDF


Untitled Project from Wendy Jehlen on Vimeo.



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Friday, July 7, 2017

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