NET/TEN Shareback: LOUD - RuPaul’s​ ​Drag​ ​Race:​ ​intersections​ ​between​ ​race​ ​and​ ​camp


LOUD (New Orleans, LA) invited Sidney Monroe (Boston, MA) of True Colors: Out Youth Theater and Youth Program Manager of The Theater Offensive to lead a series of workshops in hip hop, drag, and queer theatre performance. Monroe will also met with LOUD apprentices weekly to discuss outcomes, share best practices in youth leadership development, and dream of possible future collaborations.


The exercises laid out in the two workshops presented by Sidney Monroe of The Theater Offensive were incredibly enjoyable to participate in for our LOUD youth members and queer community. Particularly useful for the ensemble were the drag persona creation techniques offered in the Ru Paul’s Drag race workshop. Each young person created a drag person complete with costume ideas, song repertoire, dance moves and quirks. Two of these outlines were further fleshed out as characters in Paris is Missing our 2017 original production. We also created a 32 count movement sequence that served as warm-up, dance break and creative release throughout the rest of the semester.

For other companies interested in character creation, heightened aesthetics and queer performance, the exercises presented in Sidney’s Ru Paul workshop provided an opportunity to craft personas rooted in physical movement, stylistic specificity and personal quirks. These characters provoked questions about identity, performance, presentation, camp, drag and reality and provided fodder for spirited discussions and fantastic skits.

Click below to download the PDF of "Lesson Plan: RuPaul's Drag Race":

Click below to download the PDF of "Lesson Plan: Nasty White Folks":



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Friday, February 15, 2019

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