NET/TEN Shareback: In the Mix - Flocking & "Tango Artist"


Fall 2012 Seed Grant Recipient

In the Mix (Evansville, IN) deepened a relationship with The Fourth Wall Ensemble (Indianapolis, IN). The companies met for a three-day retreat to share pieces from their current productions, to experiment with joint creations, and to explore possibilities for future exchanges and community connections.


In the aftermath of our NET/TEN-sponsored retreat with The Fourth Wall Ensemble, In the Mix started a resource blog as part of their continuing effort to connect with other ensembles. The blog includes musings, videos, rehearsal activities, and outrageous ideas that they hope will generate productively unconventional strategies for weathering the challenges of ensemble work.

Here are two videos demonstrating some of their rehearsal activites:

Flocking: a Brief Demo

This activity helps build ensemble cohesion

  • Begin as a tightly formed group, all facing the same direction. Make sure everyone is on a different plane, not in a line.
  • Goal: move in unison, following the forward-most person.
  • Transfer leadership with the leader’s physical or visual focus shifts to place another performer at the front. 


Tango Artist:

“Tango Artist” evolved from Astor Piazzolla’s “Bordel 1900” from Histoire du Tango, a regular part of the Fourth Wall’s performance repertoire.  Both the members of The Fourth Wall (Hilary Abigana, Greg Jukes, and Neil Parsons) and In the Mix had expressed an interest in seeing what might happen if the music from an existing piece were subjected to entirely new interpretations. MORE>


Stay up to date with In the Mix at:

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Friday, July 12, 2013

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