Announcing the 2014 NET/TEN Spring Travel Grant Recipients


We are pleased to announce the 2014 Spring Travel Grant recipients!

dog & pony dc (Washington, D.C.) and Honolulu Theatre for Youth (Honolulu, HI) will convene for  5-day artistic exchange, translating dog & pony dc’s “Audience Integration” methodology into a Theater for Young Audiences (TYA) context. This exchange is the foundation for developing a cross-country, collaborative devising process with the goal of creating a new TYA touring show.

Dan Froot (Los Angeles, CA) will share concepts for a new work about families living with food insecurity with Miami Light Project (Miami, FL) and Legion Arts (Cedar Rapids, IA). He will also meet with local artists and social service agencies in each location to discuss ways in which they might participate in the project.

HartBeat Ensemble (Hartford, CT) will further develop an intercultural collaboration with The Indian Ensemble (Bangalore, India). In September 2014, four members of the Indian Ensemble will travel to Hartford to continue their collaborative relationship by participating in a two-week creative residency with members of HartBeat Ensemble.

Rachel Jendrzejewski (Minneapolis, MN) will meet with fellow playwrights, Karen Cellini and Virginia Grise, for a weeklong residency to explore the prospect of collaborating on a new work investigating the political landscape of women’s bodies, with a focus on abortion.

The Object Group (Atlanta, GA) will send Artistic Director, Michael Haverty, to initiate a new collaborative relationship with performer/creator Ofir Nahari (Tel Aviv, Israel).  This trip will lead to the sharing of best practices, greater international understanding, and possible cross-continental devising of a new production.

Serious Play! Theatre Ensemble (Northampton, MA), Pilgrim Theatre Research and Performance Collaborative, and Sandglass Theater will meet for approximately 13 work sessions over a two-month period to share and intermingle the defining characteristics of their respective artistic styles and training techniques. The stimulus for the exploration will be Samuel Beckett’s play Endgame.

Mei Ann Teo (Astoria, NY) seeks to build the capacity of the IfChina Documentary Theatre Program by developing and testing a training processes of ensemble techniques and practices that will result in a system that guides both amateur and theatre practitioners to engage in intergenerational and intercultural dialogue through documentary theatre making.

Allison Wyper (Los Angeles, CA) and Sam Fox, Director of Hydra Poesis (Australia), will meet in person for the first time at Hydra’s Perth studios to share their movement, media, and activist performance practices and formalize strategies for remote collaboration. This exchange will take place over a week-long residency at CIA Studios.

The NET/TEN 2014 Spring Travel Grants peer review panel included:
Edgar Miramontes, Programs Manager, REDCAT (Los Angeles, CA); Amy Smith, Co-Director, Headlong Dance (Philadelphia, PA); Clyde Valentin, Director of Arts + Urbanism Initiative at SMU Meadows School of the Arts (Dallas, TX).

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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