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NETWORK OF ENSEMBLE THEATERS is partnering with THEATRE DEVELOPMENT FUND (TDF) to create entries for TDF’s Online Theatre Dictionary— a collection of short videos and informative essays to explain the history, usage, and alternate meanings of theater terms.


WHO: NET Members

WHY: Help build knowledge about  ensemble practices and  terminology!

WHAT:  Create a 60-90 second  video and essay to be included in TDF's Online Theatre Dictionary.            




NET has come up with a suggested list of terms related to ensemble theater making. Look at the list and see if there is a term that you’d like to define. TDF welcomes and encourages multiple definitions, so if you want to take on a word that already appears on the site, or if you have an idea of another word that would be a good fit, please suggest it!

Send an email to: Mark Blankenship, TDF Content Editor, at Please include your name, ensemble affiliation, and the term you’d like to define. TDF will follow up with you to discuss a contract, formatting guidelines, logistics, and a schedule.

The typical timeline to complete your video is typically 8 weeks from signing a contract. A working draft of the script must be provided in advance of filming for review and feedback. After that, the rest is up to you! Once you have finished filming you will provide the raw footage to TDF, so they can do a final review and add their intro slides. You are invited to share the video on your site and social media platforms after the clip premieres.


To help make the videos happen, TDF will commission you at $150 per video to offset production costs. NET is able to provide FlipCams to participating ensembles as needed. If you chose to write the accompanying essay, TDF will provide an additional $75 per essay. If not, TDF will assign an outside writer to the project.

Each video will be branded with your logo. The term’s official page will include your company's bio and mention that you are a member of Network of Ensemble Theaters. The text will also include multiple references and links to your website. PLUS, features one of the videos every month, and your video could certainly be one of those featured clips. On average, videos receive about 400-700 views or more in its first 3 months!


Equity has two videos in the Theatre Dictionary, and provided no actor in a current show with your company is required to work on this project, participation should be fine. Denis O’Hare and several other SAG actors have also participated, and since it’s a press/promotional project, there haven’t been any problems. HOWEVER, it may also be fun to cast board members or administrators. Whatever seems like the most fun is definitely the way to go.


Videos can be silly or serious. Here’s a list of all the videos made by other theatres, including Signature, the Guthrie, Soho Rep, HERE Arts Center, Yale Repertory Theatre, Avenue Q, and Chicago.


Ensemble Theater – Claimed by NET
Civic Practice
Story Circles
Social Practice
Site-Specific Work
Ensemble Generated
Collaborative Creation
Place Based Art Making
Art Based Community Development
Physical Scores
Non-Aristotelian Structure
Physical Theater
Street Theater
Political Theater
Dance Theater
Documentary Theater
Regional Theater
Community Engaged Theater
Service Organization
Theater in the Round
Theater of the Oppressed

Remember, these are just suggestions, if there's another word you'd like to define please tell us! 

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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