NET/TEN Shareback: Varispeed Collective- Site Visits for Site Specific Performances

2013 Spring Seed Grant Recipient

Varispeed Collective (Brooklyn, NY) and Alia Musica (Pittsburgh, PA) visited one another to begin arrangements of a new operatic performance called, Perfect Lives Pittsburgh. During this period, the groups also scouted locations, began rehearsals, and discussed future collaborations.


Varispeed members Gelsey Bell, Paul Pinto, and Dave Ruder discuss some tips for doing site visits for site specific performances.  Varispeed regularly performs Robert Ashley's opera Perfect Lives in an arrangement that features seven 30-minute performances in seven different archetypical locations, performed in all a single day.

Please click the icon to listen to the recording (6:46 min)




Varispeed's blog -

Varispeed's Vimeo account (with footage of previous iterations) -

Alia's webstie 


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Friday, January 3, 2014

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