MicroFest USA Overview

Micro-Fest USA Overview

What is the National Summit and Learning Exchange?
Why is NET hosting a multi-disciplinary, cross-sector event?
I am a local artist, how do I get to share my work?
Who should attend?

What is the National Summit and Learning Exchange?

Sunrise and sunset performances, graffiti artists, pre-school children, stories of volcanoes and radical arts-based political action – the MicroFest USA National Summit and Learning Exchange will lead you on a journey across the island of Oahu. Beginning in Honolulu we will explore this urban environment, bridging the local and national through performances and conversations that address the impact of art and artists in revitalizing communities.  For the second part of our MicroFest journey, we will retreat to the rural North Shore, for reflection and sharing.

This National Summit and Learning Exchange is the culmination of the four-part, five city MicroFest USA: Revitalize, Reconnect, Renew, asking: “How does art impact your community?”  Bridging local and national artists, we will weave together the themes and conversations from the previous MicroFests as we share success stories, challenges, inspirations and questions about art-based community development. 

Why is NET hosting a multi-disciplinary and cross-sector event?

1. NET’s mission is to propel ensemble practice to the forefront of American culture. We believe that many other sectors/disciplines utilize “ensemble practices” but don’t always name it as “ensemble.” We are therefore looking at places where ensemble practice is happening—but may be called by different names.

2. As a national service organization, we believe it’s important to create opportunities to expand the vocabulary of our membership and the theater field. Learning and growth is intrinsically connected to understanding ourselves in the context of the larger Arts and Culture sector.

3. The Micro-Fest USA cycle is an advocacy tool—these events make the case that the arts and theater are as vital to healthy communities as hospitals. The benefit of this advocacy is long-term and far-reaching, and impacts us all.

I am a local artist in Honolulu – how how do I get to share my work?

NET is inviting project proposals from each host community; information on the Request for Proposals for the National Summit and Learning Exchange can be found here. If you are interested in sharing your work and have additional questions not answered on the Project Proposals page, please contact Ashley Sparks.

Who should attend?

From out of town…
The Micro-Fest USA series will appeal to performing and visual artists, activists, architects, city officials, cultural organizers, cultural tourists, designers, educators, ensemble practitioners, foodies, funders, policy makers, urban planners, and anyone else working with and interested in the connection between art and community. Optimists and dreamers are especially welcome!

Anyone listed above—as well as local community members that are arts supporters, parents and grandparents of artists, and anyone with a story about HOW art has impacted your community.


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