MicroFest USA: Detroit

Detroit, August 17-19, 2012

Micro-fest USA Detroit

“Detroit will be an innovator just because we happen to be one of the first behemoths to fall. We are forced to create the model, and what a grand opportunity that is.”
                     - Philip Lauri, founder of Detroit Lives!

Although Detroit’s community is fraught with limited resources and its socio-economic narrative dominated by devastation, the city has become a model for artist/activist-led, collaborative, guerilla-style, grassroots action and community-driven revitalization. From “block clubs” that tackle issues surrounding blighted properties to artists working within their own neighborhood to engage youth in beautification projects, Detroiters across the city are active in creating the culture and home they envision and doing so through dialogue and collaboration.

MicroFest USA: Detroit will zoom into the activity and efforts happening in Detroit to springboard into an exploration of similar national efforts around issues such as urban planning, food issues, sustainability, prison issues/reform and performance.

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