MicroFest USA: Honolulu National Summit and Learning Exchange

June 13-18, 2013

Sunrise and sunset performances, graffiti artists, pre-school children, stories of volcanoes and radical arts-based political action – the MicroFest USA National Summit & Learning Exchange led participants on a journey across the island of Oahu. Beginning in Honolulu, we explored this urban environment, bridging the local and national through performances and conversations that address the impact of art and artists in revitalizing communities.  For the second part of our MicroFest journey, we retreated to the rural North Shore for reflection and sharing.

This National Summit & Learning Exchange was the culmination of the four-part, five-city MicroFest USA: Revitalize, Reconnect, Renew, asking: “How does art impact your community?”  Bridging local and national artists, we have woven together the themes and conversations from the previous MicroFests as we shared success stories, challenges, inspirations, and questions about art-based community development.

It was a transformative and immersive arts-centered experience. As Kumu Hula Vicki Holt Takamine said, “We come to you.” But in June 2013, it was time for us to go to Hawaii!

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