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Network of Ensemble Theaters is a member of the Performing Arts Alliance (PAA), a national coalition of nonprofit arts service organizations advocating for federal policies that impact the nonprofit performing arts sector. Membership in Network of Ensemble Theaters includes membership in PAA.

PAA’s policy agenda includes: federal funding for the NEA, arts education, and cultural exchanges; protection of charitable giving incentives and performing arts wireless technology; and improvements to the visa process for international guest artists.

PAA will send you the latest legislative news and opportunities to take action on these and other advocacy issues. Learn more about the issues in the PAA Arts Advocacy Issue Center.


National Center for Arts Research (NCAR)

NCAR develops reports based on this uniquely comprehensive set of arts organizations’ data. It assesses the industry from multiple perspectives, including sector/art form, geography, and size of the organization, and it determines what drives health from the organization’s conditions and its community’s characteristics. The vision of NCAR is to act as a catalyst for the transformation and sustainability of the national arts and cultural community. The goals of the Center are to unlock insights on: 1) arts attendance and patronage; 2) understanding how managerial decisions, arts attendance, and patronage affect one another; and 3) fiscal trends and fiscal stability of the arts in the U.S., and to create an in-depth assessment of the industry that allows arts and cultural leaders to make more informed decisions and improve the health of their organizations.

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