BLM / Twin Cities Uprising - Resources

In response to the May 2020 uprising in Minneapolis-St. Paul to defend human and civil rights and demand justice for George Floyd and Black Americans, here are some resources to learn more, and suggested local places in the Twin Cities to support.


Resources to Support the Minneapolis Protests

Things You Can Do To Support the Resistance from Home
Google doc for Minneapolis-St.Paul that is being regularly updated; sharing the link is encouraged! Compiled in part thanks to the work of NET member Walken Schweigert of Open Flame Theatre

26 Ways to Be in the Struggle Beyond the Streets
PDF created in 2014 as a more general resource (with some focus on NYC).



Black Lives Matter


These organizations have been vetted by Minneapolis-St. Paul organizers and allies, and are taken from the resource document Things You Can Do To Support the Resistance from Home.

NOTE: Minnesota Freedom Fund and MPD150 have indicated that they are both overwhelmed with donations and say they do not need any more at this time.

Black Visions Collective 
Transformative justice org dedicated to Black liberation, organizing Defund MPD with Reclaim the Block. 

Migizi Communications
Indigenous youth org on Lake St whose building burned down in the fires on May 29, 2020. 

Trio Plant Based
Minnesota’s only Black-owned plant-based /vegan restaurant, right on Lake St at Lyndale Ave. Owned and operated by Louis Hunter, a cousin of Philando Castile, who was targeted by SPPD in 2016 with bogus felony riot charges which were then eventually dropped. Louis has been defending the restaurant and they need our support now more than ever via GoFundMe to stay open! 

Reclaim The Block
Organizing Minneapolis community and city council members to move money from the police department into other areas of the city’s budget that truly promote community health and safety (Defund MPD). 

Unicorn Riot 
Incredible independent journalists bringing us live feeds and updates from movements for justice for 5 years (it’s their 5 year anniversary!). 

North Star Health Collective
Long-standing Twin Cities protest triage team who are working on the ground as well as coordinating training to prepare more protest medic support. 

CLUES Minnesota
Latinx resource and service nonprofit helping Lake St workers who can’t file for unemployment due to immigration status. 

George Floyd Memorial Fund

We Love Lake Street
Helping Lake Street businesses rebuild after the fires. 

Legal Rights Center
Providing jail support and free criminal defense for low-income people esp BIPOC. 

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