NET Solidarity Statement (May 31, 2020) - Black Lives Matter



May 31, 2020

The Network of Ensemble Theaters loudly and lovingly supports and honors the activists and community members who have taken to the streets this week in the Twin Cities and across the country to defend human and civil rights and demand justice for Black Americans.

We grieve with and for the families of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the innumerable others brutally murdered at the hands of the state and of white civilians.

NET stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter; with our Black, Indigenous, and POC ensemble members, artists, and colleagues; and with the movement-building cultural organizations, collectives, and individuals that have invested decades and generations in the struggle to undo systemic racism. We link arms with you, and commit to the anti-oppression work ahead.

We call on our larger community to listen and respond to the national and local leadership of these and other frontline organizers who are, as ever, leading us in this moment with grace and integrity. Please help leverage and distribute resources to support their labor and amplify their vision, as you’re able. 

**See our designated resource page for some suggestions of ways to help, and places in the Twin Cities to donate that have been vetted by Minneapolis-St. Paul organizers and allies.


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