NET/TEN Shareback: Gerard Stropnicky - Collaborating in the Developing World & Documentation Lessons

Fall 2015 Travel Grant Recipient

Gerard Stropnicky (Danville, PA) collaborated with Tonny Muwangala, a producer and onscreen news personality for Ugandan national television, to create learning materials based on Stropnicky’s work in Africa. The resulting video documentation, toolkits, and story responses from participants will be key in disseminating knowledge about the project and sharing Stropnicky’s community story-play methods to a wider community.


Gerard Stropnicky is a director, playwright, writer, community organizer, and instigator. For decades, besides his work in Ensemble-created and scripted plays, he’s been invited to rural communities in Appalachia, Pennsylvania and the Deep South, communities in crisis or post-trauma, in transition or distress, to help devise large-scale productions drawn from the stories of that place, so that the community might arrive at a measure of understanding, healing, humor and peace.  

Stropnicky received funding to support the documentation process for Langi Voices: A Story Work Project in Uganda. Following his return to the United States, he provided NET with two documents to share his learning. The first document offers principles, lessons, and stories about his experience collaborating in the developing world and the second document provides a straightforward and practical look at some of the complications he experienced during the creation process for the culminating 14-minute documentary (also included below).

Collaborating in the Developing World: Principles, Lessons, Snapshots and Stories

By Gerard Stropnicky

"Cannot Perform This Operation"
Documenting an Unfinished Tale of Documentation

By Gerard Stropnicky

Click the image to download as a PDF

Click image to download as a PDF


Langi Voices: A Story Work Project in Uganda

A 14-minute mini documentary that chronicles a 2015 capacity-building Story Work Project in Uganda

Langi Voices: A Story Work Project in Uganda from Gerard Stropnicky on Vimeo.





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