NET/TEN Shareback: Swim Pony Performing Arts - A Primer on Transmedial Storytelling and Game/Theater Crossover

Spring 2017 Travel Grant Recipient

Swim Pony Performing Arts (Philadelphia, PA) and theatrical designer/producer/ educator/researcher Ian Garrett (Toronto, Ontario, Canada) explored their shared areas of inquiry around the emerging hybridization of theater and game design. As part of a collaborative intensive, they designed prompts and processes to dig into macro-level game/theater convergence points; workshopped each of their current projects; and shared their learning with other artists and the public.


Adrienne Mackey of Swim Pony Performing Arts (Philadelphia) and Ian Garrett of ToasterLab (Toronto) are both theater devisers who have shifted their artistic work from more traditional live performances to projects that merge theater with games and/or technological forms of storytelling. They came together for an intensive residency which used both of their recent projects (The End and Transmission, respectively) as a springboard for investigations into the emerging field of game/theater hybridization and transmedial storytelling. This Shareback is a synthesis of their discoveries and the questions they continue to ask, sourced outward for other creators interested in exploring this crossover genre.

Click below to download "A Primer on Transmedial Storytelling and Game/Theater Crossover" as a PDF:


Swim Pony and Ian Garrett’s recent game/theater projects, primary reference points for the collaboration:

Resources (as cited in the Shareback):


Swim Pony Performing Arts:

Ian Garrett:

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

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