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2013 Fall Travel Grant Recipient

theater simple (Seattle, WA) and multi story theatre (Barnstaple, England), two similarly established generative companies in the US and UK, arranged a three-day 'Play-and-Plot' date in Barnstaple, Devon, England in February 2014, to explore creative tactics & techniques. They also discussed administrative and international touring realities, and the potential to create and develop a new piece together


This Spring theater simple’s co-founders, Llysa Holland and Andrew Litzky, traveled to Devon, England, about 4 hours West of London, to do intensive work with the ensemble Multi Story and it’s founders, Gill Nathanson and Bill Buffery, who we first met and toured alongside in Canada 15 years ago.  Also, in London, we interviewed and observed Kath Burlinson and her ensemble, the Authentic Artists Collective, another mate from our Canadian and Australian touring days.

Over 3 very busy days in Devon, and one in London, we shared philosophy and tactics, plotted future work together, met with Beaford Arts Rural Touring Director, Mark Wallace, and soaked up the impossibly rustic landscape that has been Bill and Gill’s working home for 30 years.

We hope you enjoy the lilting accents, and that you will forgive the serious sound quality issues, (the result of conversations in cars, barns, cafes and rehearsal halls), and that through it all, we give you a little window into into the passion and artistic sensibility that has kept us going in the theater for the past 23 years.  And now, theater simple in England!

-Llysa Holland and Andrew Litzky

Park Bench, Episode #32 (England)

Table of Contents (with Time-Stamps)

• 0:00 -  2:20 Opening and Introduction
About Park Bench, Current Episode, Multi-Story Ensemble

• 2:20 – 7:21 About Multi-Story Ensemble (Devon, England)
Origins,  Creative Methods,

• 7:21 – 11:15 Arts Centers & Rural Touring; Locally  (Devon) Nationally (England)

• 11:15 – 15:40 Site-Specific Production
Site Scouting in Devon, about theater simple in Seattle

• 15:40 - 21:55 Meeting with Mark Wallace (Beaford Arts Rural Touring Director)
About rural touring & site specific arts in Devon

• 21:55 – 24:25 Methodology
Multi-Story & theater simple techniques

• 24:25 – 28:40 Interview with Kath Burlinson (Authentic Artists Collective, London, England)
History of Collective & Working Methods

• 28:40 - 32:38 Lasting Imprints
Passing It On, Importance of Small Scale Theater, Transformative Power of Theater

• 32:38 -  35:25 Conclusion, Credits


Gill Nathanson (multistory), Llysa Holland (theater simple), Bill Buffery (multistory) and Andrew Litzky (theater simple) in front of the Barn office of multistory



multi story -
Kath Burlinson -

Barnstaple Fringe -  (founded by Gill and Bill of multistory)
Beaford Arts -  (We spoke with Mark Wallace)


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Friday, December 5, 2014

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