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Spring 2016 Travel Grant Recipient

theater simple (Seattle, WA) and Z Puppets Rosenshnoz (Minneapolis, MN) exchanged ideas and techniques and collaboratively developed new tactics for developing community-anchored site-specific performance. These techniques were then team-taught to youth in Seattle for theater simple’s new piece THE GULLIVER PROJECT.


Tactics & Ideas for Creating Community-Anchored Site-Specific Performance for Youth

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creative PRIORITIZATION worksheet - a way to quantify and personalize location/ architecture, and identify psychological and social ways space ‘speaks’ to its inhabitants. This is extremely useful for each company member to answer for themselves and then to share with a larger group.

Identity of Site or Characteristics of Architecture - a useful tool for aggregating a company’s POV (or discovering misinterpretations of the common goal). This document offers a way to add depth, detail, and nuanced complicity from an ensemble in a potentially short rehearsal process.


Example Toy Theater - Z Puppets Rosenshnoz (Created November 11, 2016)


For KIDCITY at the Tubman Center (a long-term homeless shelter for women and children in the City of Maplewood, MN) an example of “A Happy Place”.

Materials: 12”x12”x12” foam core ‘stage’ with a ¼” dowel, backdrops made of magazine pictures glued onto stiff paper; construction paper props.

Secondary activities: taking photos of the theater, then green screening the students INTO their happy place, with action and sound effects  (a good article with options HERE:


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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

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