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Ensemble/Playwright Collaboration
Grant Open!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the 11th annual partnership between the Playwrights’ Center and NET in order to provide a unique development grant for some of our key constituents. In an effort to increase opportunities for ensembles and playwrights to collaborate together and examine best practices and new models for working together, the PWC and NET are partnering to offer one $4,000 grant for an ensemble/playwright team towards the development and creation of a new theatrical work.

Click here to read more about the grant.

Information Session was
on February 24th-watch recording here.

Email Patricia Garza, Director of Programs & Engagement for link to attend:

Inspiration On-Demand:

Creators in Conversation

In celebration of our 25-year mark, NET is launching a year-long series to ignite the imagination: Inspiration On-Demand: Creators in Conversation. Each month, NET’s very own Board members will join their own mentors and other artists they admire in conversation. We are very excited to begin to archive the incredible legacy of leaders in our field, and hope you will join us to bear witness to these extraordinary artists!

Our first conversation was on Friday, February 26th. Kicking off this series was NET board member, Godfrey L. Simmons, Jr. in conversation with Leslie Ishii.

Watch Recording Here

NET's Community Forum:
Beginning to Heal Through Connection

On Friday, January 22nd, NET hosted a Community Forum: Beginning to Heal Through Connection. As we turn towards reopening, NET is mindful of the role ensemble can and needs to play in the healing inside our own community and with broader society. We heard from a group of our Spring 2020 NET/TEN Remote Connection Mini-Grants recipients about the activities they embarked on last year and then opened up the discussion to dialogue with one another.

Link to the recording available now

A Personal Message
from NET’s Board Co-Presidents

In this time of deep conflict and challenge, we wanted to send you a quick message of solidarity.  We have witnessed your immense creativity and resilience in 2020. There have been losses of production, practices, and people. There has been so much care for safety and emotions. There have been incredible pivots and transformations. Your artistic productions and innovations brought us together throughout the year. NET staff organized digital town halls and—with the blessing of our funding partner, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation—pivoted $25K from NET/TEN Spring Travel Grant funds into mini-grants for members to connect digitally. We see you and continue to be inspired and moved.

Please know that our Board is meeting weekly and you are in our thoughts. Always reach out to us so we can continue to find ways to support. Our community is here for us, and there’s strength in numbers. We’ve made our membership radically inclusive for this purpose:

In the meantime take care of yourself, make safe choices, wear masks, wash hands, and keep being the brilliantly creative community of ensemble performance makers that you are. We look forward to connecting soon!

Claudia Alick and Leslie Tamaribuchi
Board Co-Presidents
Network of Ensemble Theaters


Black Lives Matter

The Network of Ensemble Theaters loudly and lovingly supports and honors the activists and community members who have taken to the streets in the Twin Cities and across the country to defend human and civil rights and demand justice for Black Americans.

We grieve with and for the families of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the innumerable others brutally murdered at the hands of the state and of white civilians.

NET stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter; with our Black, Indigenous, and POC ensemble members, artists, and colleagues; and with the movement-building cultural organizations, collectives, and individuals that have invested decades and generations in the struggle to undo systemic racism. We link arms with you, and commit to the anti-oppression work ahead.

We call on our larger community to listen and respond to the national and local leadership of these and other frontline organizers who are, as ever, leading us in this moment with grace and integrity. Please help leverage and distribute resources to support their labor and amplify their vision, as you’re able.

**See our designated resource page for some suggestions of ways to help, and places in the Twin Cities to donate that have been vetted by Minneapolis-St. Paul organizers and allies.



The spread of COVID-19 and the need for physical distancing has made our collective work -- of bringing together communities through ensemble performance and practice -- extremely difficult. In this unsettling time, our social connections and the interwoven support and camaraderie provided by networks such as NET become even more critical. We encourage you to check out the following for resources and more in service of the ensemble theater community during this time:




Now Available:
From our April 13 Virtual Town Hall:
Tools for Ensemble Togetherness in a time of Physical Distance

From our April 27 Virtual Town Hall:
A New Era of Ensemble Theatre Making




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